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We created “Be The Change” because, like millions of other Americans, we are stunned at the fear, hate and bigotry that came to light during this election cycle. Our goal is to inspire a grassroots movement to stand together for an America with hope, kindness and equal rights for all.

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Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Nothing matters more right now, and silence is not an option. Otherwise, what will we tell our kids and grandchildren later when they ask us what we did to help?

Joerg Kohring and wife Jess Niven-Kohring (parents and singer-songwriters) wrote this song to help people get out of despair and into action to create change. His band Orbit Monkey performs it. Niven-Kohring’s mother, Actress and Human Rights advocate Barbara Niven then stepped in with her business partner Sue Melke to produce and edit the video.

This is not about politics, it’s about humanity. It’s time to awaken the activist inside of all of us. No matter which party you voted for, get involved, hold your politicians accountable or run for office yourself, talk to your neighbors, stop bullying, be a safe place, speak up for climate change, stand up for what you believe in, and teach your children to be kind by modeling kindness. Show them that Love wins over Hate, and that we really ARE stronger together.

For further information please contact Sue Melke, Melke Branding suemelke@gmail.com and/or visit our facebook group “Be The Change Revolution”: https://www.facebook.com/groups/10042…

“Be The Change” performed by Orbit Monkey

Song written by: Joerg Kohring & Jess Niven-Kohring

Video produced and edited by:
Sue Melke http://www.melkebranding.com/
Barbara Niven http://www.barbaraniven.com/

Special thanks to all of the volunteers and partners who made Be The Change happen.

Orbit Monkey is the band of singer/songwriter Jörg Kohring. After playing guitar for bands like Lifehouse and Blend, it was time to step up to the microphone. Songs were already written and waiting to be recorded, so the debut album “Are We Alive” came together quickly. After playing the first couple of shows and meeting some of Hollywood’s taste-makers, songs like “Let There Be Love” or “Used” made their way into TV shows such as Y&R or Hollywood Heights.

After finishing their new EP “Born To Be Kings”, the two rockers “Summer In The City” and “On Fire” quickly became fan favorites. The remix version of On Fire just surpassed 60,000 views on YouTube and “Summer In The City” will be featured in a major movie in 2017.

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